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This project is building on the momentum for change by uniting people all over the world around four questions to explore a global vision for a new way forward. We will then use art and music to share that vision with the world.
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"Sweet Spot" Parties Around the Planet!

This month, people in more than 86 countries are going to be hosting “Sweet Spot” parties! 

Do you want to join the fun?

Have a great night with your friends. Be a part of something BIG! And help the world, which is ripe for change, figure out what our better world could look like.   

What are “Sweet Spot” Parties?

"Sweet Spot" parties can be small gatherings of friends or dinner parties, house parties, big events, a cool class project, a dorm-room activity, a networking event topic, a speed-dating question prompter or a lunch break with colleagues at work.  Some may have music and dancing, some may have art and performance, some may have powerpoint presentations.  The one central element is that party guests answer and come to consensus on their top answers to the following questions:

If the world as it currently exists were to radically shift tomorrow, and we had an opportunity to recreate the world…

  • What would you NOT want to continue from this world?
  • What WOULD you want to continue from this world?
  • What could people do differently now to help us get to that world?
  • What is one thing that you will do differently now to help us get to that world?
On December 20, 2012, we will set off a global renaissance of music and art expressing the common themes that emerge from the conversations. Together we will reach people's hearts, inspire innovative projects and move the world one step closer to a home we all feel better about living in. 

Want to learn How to Host A Sweet Spot Party? Click here.  

Have more questions about “Sweet Spot” Parties? Click here to see our Frequently Asked Questions.

  Find out what “Sweet Spot” parties are in your city or announce that you are hosting your own party by clicking here !

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