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This project is building on the momentum for change by uniting people all over the world around four questions to explore a global vision for a new way forward. We will then use art and music to share that vision with the world.
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We offer two levels of support. We wish we could give everyone every type of support available.  However, as we are an all volunteer team and this is the first year of our project, we don’t have capacity to back every one of our teams at the highest level. Whichever type of support you receive, you will be a part of something big and your idea will have the potential to change your community and the world.   

Tier 1 -  Projects with High-Intensity Support  (50 teams max)

A Tier 1 team participates in semi-weekly trainings and interactive planning meetings with other teams from around the world. They connect with Feedback Friends who have expertise in the project’s area of focus. They also receive feedback from A Big Project lead organizers. As they progress toward their goal, they collect Persistence Points to earn prizes. When their project is completed they earn A Big Project Tier 1 Badge, which serves as leadership training course certification. After the project is finished, they are invited to participate in the final project showcase which will be shown in 150 countries around the globe (and possibly at the United Nations!).  


Tier 2 – Self-Directed Projects (Unlimited number of teams)

A Tier 2 team works primarily on their own, but will have access to all the presentations, resources and toolkits that Tier 1 teams have.  When their project is complete, they earn A Big Project Tier 2 Badge (leadership certification) and are invited to participate in the final project showcase.

Read the criteria for how we determine which teams receive Tier 1 or Tier 2 levels of support.

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