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This project is building on the momentum for change by uniting people all over the world around four questions to explore a global vision for a new way forward. We will then use art and music to share that vision with the world.
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Special thanks to our partners at Xplane (innovating on technology to empower changemakers) and Maaz Maudood (animator extraordinaire) for the incredible videos they created for A Big Project's 2013 initiative!! If you need exceptional visuals or ideas that will make a huge difference, check these folks out!


We are also proud to have the following organizations who partnered with us in 2012: 

  •     Abibiman Foundation (GHANA -- Sustainable livelihoods, environment and climate change)
  •     AIDS Community and Orphan Trust (TANZANIA -- Improve quality of life for vulnerable populations)
  •     Arts for Peace (INTERNATIONAL -- the arts and peace-building)
  •     Baylor Swaziland's Teen Club  (SWAZILAND - Youth action)
  •     Black River Art Group (MAURITIUS --The arts)
  •     Charter of Compassion (INTERNATIONAL -- Making compassion a higher priority in our world.)
  •     COÍRIS - Saúde Plena do Ser  (BRAZIL -- Human and relationship development in organizations)
  •     Current-C Energy Systems, Inc  (USA -- Energy efficiency/Renewable energy)
  •     Desiree Alliance (USA -- Human rights for sex workers)
  •     Esperanto (International -- Building a Global Language)
  •     Highland Lake Cove  (USA -- Retreat & learning center)
  •     Hub Curitiba (BRAZIL -- Coworking events and global connections between people who strive for a better world)
  •     Ideas For Us (INTERNATIONAL -- Youth Organizing for Change)
  •     if istanbul (TURKEY -- Film festival)  
  •     Innovative Partners International (INTERNATIONAL -- Technology for innovation and positive change)
  •     Imagine Nation Conference (INTERNATIONAL -- Using inquiry to reimagine our world)
  •     International Art Education Association (INTERNATIONAL - Connecting artists through Second Life)
  •     International Arts Movement (INTERNATIONAL -- Connecting artists around the world)   
  •     International Peace Bureau (INTERNATIONAL -- Disarmament and Reduction of Military Spending)
  •     Jane Goodall Institute/Roots and Shoots (INTERNATIONAL - Apes and Treatment of All Lliving Things)
  •     Global Peace Index (INTERNATIONAL - Global peace)
  •     Green Building (USA -- Events Space)
  •     The International Network of Women with Disabilities (INTERNATIONAL - Connecting women with disabilities)
  •     MPrep (KENYA -- Math education initiative for youth in Kenya)
  • (INTERNATIONAL -- Education and creativity to improve our environment)
  •     National Youth Empowerment Network (UGANDA -- Youth empowerment)
  •     NSEAD  (INTERNATIONAL - National Society for Education in Art and Design)
  •     On the Move (INTERNATIONAL - Supporting Cultural Mobility)
  •     One Future, One Planet (INTERNATIONAL - Global dialogues)
  •     Picking Apples (SWEDEN -- Artists and social change)
  •     SKUFLIX (USA -- Media and social commentary)
  •     Spirit of Truth Foundation (INTERNATIONAL - Reconciliation and Peace)
  •     Taking it Global (INTERNATIONAL - Youth activism)
  •     Tatutrad S.L.  (SPAIN -- translation company)
  •     The Second Floor (Pakistan - Building an Arts Community)  
  •     Transcultural Art (International - Cross-cultural Artists Exchange)
  •     United Religions Initiative (INTERNATIONAL - Interfaith collaboration for Peace)
  •     We, The World (INTERNATIONAL -- Global Collaboration and Peace)
  •     Whiteflag Project (Israel/Palestine  -- Using Music to Build a Culture of Peace between Israelis and Palestinians)
  •     Wired to share  (INTERNATIONAL -- Technology for democracy and social good)
  •     Zulu and the Sunshine Gang (MAURITIUS -- Music Band)
  •     100000 Poets for Change  (INTERNATIONAL - Connecting Poets to Inspire Change)








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