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This project is building on the momentum for change by uniting people all over the world around four questions to explore a global vision for a new way forward. We will then use art and music to share that vision with the world.
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(+the most important tips)

 INSTRUCTIONS: Make sure to follow exact title instructions please (or we won't be able to use broadcast!)

  1. Go to

    2.  Create an account

    3. Click on Post

    4. Click on Live Video

    5. Download the application that is best for you:

        a. Click on desktop for webcams (or if you are connecting your computer to an external video camera.

        b. Click on mobile phone if you’d like to livestream from your cell phone.

        c. Click on broadcaster if you have broadcasting abilities.

     6. Click ‘Run’ when prompted, and go through all prompts to install software on your computer or phone.  It may     take several minutes to install.

     7.  Once Livestream is installed, when you are ready, click ‘GO LIVE!’

      8.      IMPORTANT!! Name your Livestream using the following instructions:

When it prompts you to create an event:

  • Enter ‘#ABigProject’ (this is IMPORTANT or we won’t see your broadcast)
  • Enter what you will be doing live (i.e. song, painting, comments, etc.)
  • Enter ‘Your City & Country’

Examples of titles of events:

#ABigProject – Song, Kampala, Uganda,

#ABigProject – Comments, Saigon, Vietnam,

#ABigProject – Sculpture, NYC, United States,

      9. Click start!  And click on Stop when you are done.

     10.  Click on Publish Now.

     11. That’s it! We will broadcast your video as soon as a spot becomes available.


--------------        MOST IMPORTANT TIPS FOR A GOOD BROADCAST!       ---------------

  • Introduce yourself!  Once your recording begins, announce your name, where you are from, and how you believe your piece can contribute to making the world a better place.
  • Audio is really important, try to get close to the source and if possible, use a microphone or a headset for interviews etc.
  • Keep an eye on the “Stream health” indicator. It will hint about how good your broadcast throughput is. If the % is low, it indicates that your connection is not capable of transmitting data/video fast enough. Consider lowering your “video resolution” that is found in the settings of the app; Consider using a WiFi if available
  • Keep track of time! Artists and musicians will have 4-7 minutes to showcase their creative projects which were developed to support movement to a better world.  NGO’s, corporations and individuals will have 30 seconds to record messages with comments about what they are doing to make the world a better place.  PLEASE DO NOT GO OVER THIS TIME SLOT! (If you go over this allotted time, we may need to switch over to a new live feed in the middle of what you are saying to ensure everyone has an opportunity to participate. We don’t want to cut you off, so please make sure to stay within this time frame.)

*Note:  if your piece requires more time, please email, explain the circumstances and we will arrange for a wider time slot.  (The full version of all art and music pieces will be available on an archive that will be made public during the broadcast.)

Additional things to consider:

Consider your surroundings:  You will have the greatest chance of getting on television news around the world if you live stream your performance using globally recognized visual cues (i.e. near a major landmark, in crowds of people in traditional dress, in front of exported items which the city/country is known for, etc.).    

Consider the ‘heart’ factor: People tend to like to watch people who are passionate and honest.  Consider talking from your heart, rather than from a script – and talk about the things that are most powerful and important to YOU!

Consider the ‘fun’ factor:  People also like to watch people having fun!  Are there ways to make your presentation to the world more fun?  Maybe by incorporating humor, a good story, a costume, a game, or something specific to you which will make the audience more engaged? 


Timeline of Broadcast. 

You must record your presentation either on the 19th or the 20th (up until 11am GMT on the 21st).  Once recorded, your presentation will come to our central broadcasting system.  All recordings will go through a review process first, to make sure all of the material is relevant and appropriate for our audiences.  As long as you are talking about how to make a better world in a way that is not going to create high levels of conflict, your post will make it on the broadcast.  Some recordings may go instantaneously, while others may be held up if there is a high volume of traffic. 


For more information: contact Frank Dominguez at



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