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This project is building on the momentum for change by uniting people all over the world around four questions to explore a global vision for a new way forward. We will then use art and music to share that vision with the world.
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Top Answers for How to Change World

The inspiration for the art and music for A Big Project’s Global Renaissance comes from a process which has crowd-sourced the best ideas for HOW to make a better world at the individual level.  People from 97 countries gave us their ideas.  And then people from all over the world voted on the ideas they like best.  Here are the results.


Global Survey Top 10 Answers:

Try to be more kind and understanding to people who are really far from me in their ideals, goals, character etc. -Vardan Harutyunyan, Yerevan, Armenia


Try to listen inward to understand what I truly need and want, and not to what society says I need and want. -Annika, Lund, Sweden


Drop our "Us vs. Them" mentality where our family, our clan, our nation are the only GOOD GUYS. - Mel Barlin, Las Vegas, United States


Practice listening and considering new ideas that may be different from what I’m used to, but might also be better than what I’m used to. Try to discard old ideas that have not passed the test of time. -Anonymous, Australia


Consider ethical / sustainable implications of consumer choices. -Rachel Waddell, London, United Kingdom


Stop reacting to what happen - instead, take a step back, look at things differently and reconsider my first impression according to others' point of view and seeking the common good.  -Anne Guillaume,Liège, Belgium


Live in the now to better appreciate what is already around me rather than to chase after things I don't have.  -Annika, Lund, Sweden*


Become an active part of civil society and fight not only for my own rights and environment but also for the others. -Norair, Yerevan, Armenia


Work on my own compassion for the world, my own awareness. To shift how I do things and how I interact with others and with the earth on a daily basis. And to live with gratitude in my heart every day. -Violetta, Toronto, Canada


Teaching my children the value of friendship, love, sharing, giving, kindness, openness, generosity, listening and personal integrity. So that they may teach my grandchildren and great grandchildren the same. -Anonymous



Close Runner ups

Stop being afraid of failing.     -Harman, Canada


Do my best to stop blaming someone or something outside when i hurt…    -Anonymous, France


Be positive , optimistic   -Lina, Palestine


Forgive everything      -Thomas , Finland



*Annika’s responses were broken into 2 responses for voting, since they represented 2 different ideas. Both made it into the top 10.


To see the full results from the survey click here


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