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This project is building on the momentum for change by uniting people all over the world around four questions to explore a global vision for a new way forward. We will then use art and music to share that vision with the world.
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Project Ideas

You can do any kind of project that you think will make life better in your community.  We encourage you to be creative, fun and listen to your heart.  If you aren’t sure of what to do, check out some of the ideas below. Feel free to borrow any of these ideas or to come up with something completely your own.

Some Current Project Ideas in Development

  • Post-conflict reconciliation effort led by youth in Africa (Rwanda, DRC, Burundi, Uganda and Kenya)
  • Community garden to support local restaurants developed by formerly incarcerated women. (USA)
  • Youth hostel and community hub to address technology divide (UK)
  • Clothing outlet for people with limited/no access to clothes (Belize)
  • Mentoring program for youth in foster care (Canada)
  • Creating a music album of songs from around the world about healing the environment (India)
  • Flash-Clean-Mob bringing hundreds of people together for 7 minutes to clean up a forsaken park (USA)


Additional Creative, Fun Ideas...


Grow the unexpected

Grow a community garden someplace unexpected. You can grow food in an unused parking lot, an old junkyard, on a rooftop, in a prison, at corporate headquarters, or anywhere people might be surprised to see shoots and leaves.

Plant the Impossible

Plant trees in places where people said nothing can grow. Prove to the world that, with hard work and lots of love, you can do what others never imagined and help our earth to flourish.

Party to Drink

Throw a party to purify the local water supply. Organize everyone in your community to clean the water while listening to great music and having a blast.  If you want to get fancy, encourage people to dance as they purify!  (Bopping may be easier than dancing.)




Like a flash mob, an art-flash-mob brings hundreds of people together in a short amount of time. Everyone makes a single art piece that expresses love and compassion, and then disperse—leaving the creation to be seen by all those who pass by.

Make Music, Break Hate

Write a song and develop a video with someone who doesn’t look or think like you or who comes from a community that has historically had tensions with your community.  Extra points for merging different types of music, writing lyrics that provide hope for peace, and wearing traditional dress to provide great visuals of peacemaking in action!

Beautify the Ugly

Get a bunch of friends from different communities to create art in a location that symbolizes conflict, violence or destruction. Prove to the world that art can bring people together and create beauty from ugliness.

Play for Peace

Put together a music concert in your area that brings together well-known and emerging artists who have songs that focus on building a culture of peace.



Bus for Us

Start a community transportation system that provides safe passage for people in dangerous or high-risk communities, such as women, children, and LGBT individuals, to name a few.

Be a Homecoming King or Queen

Help one homeless person find a home. Make a video about all the steps it took to find a home for someone and give tips to others who want to do the same thing.

Bust the Bully

Start an anti-bullying campaign in a school and stop the hate and violence that begins at such a young age.

Chalk the Walk

Cover the sidewalks of your city, town or community in chalk with powerful quotes and pictures that make people want to be their best selves.


Other Projects

Send us your ideas for a project and we’ll add it to our list!

If you are ready, click here to sign up to start a project in your community! (You don’t have to have an idea yet… just sign up and we’ll get you started.)





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