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This project is building on the momentum for change by uniting people all over the world around four questions to explore a global vision for a new way forward. We will then use art and music to share that vision with the world.
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commented 2012-06-15 17:03:33 -0400 · Flag
The newest version of the potential partners powerpoint has a slide on our theory of change. I think it is a powerful way to talk about how our project can translate to action. I’m wondering if it makes sense to add this on as a tab on the website. What do you think? I think the ppt also describes what happens after Dec 20th… from our own perspective… but we don’t yet have a plan for what happens to the art itself. Maybe we could talk to potential partners who might be interested in using the artwork moving forward?
commented 2012-06-14 15:31:03 -0400 · Flag
Some questions I recently got from a potential partner. Still figuring out how to answer! What does the project plan to do with all the creative work that’s made in response, and how/if this will translate into action. Who will have access to this and how, and what will happen after December?
commented 2012-06-13 12:51:01 -0400 · Flag
Caution: Wall of Text Below!
commented 2012-06-13 12:50:41 -0400 · Flag
Hey Everyone! I was asked these questions, and Dara had helped me answering, I’m sure it would of use for you guys on your outreach adventures:

1) How did you come to learn about our organization?
I found Galang Philippines through a list server that provides a brief profile of differing human rights activist groups in the Philippines. My role on the Network team is to do research and connect with organizations that we believe share our values in specific countries. (I’m 1st generation Filipina myself, so I decided to do start here.)

2) What is the rationale behind the December 2012 target for this initiative? Is 7 months sufficient time for consultation for, planning and execution of a project of this scope and magnitude?
December 2012 is considered the end of the year for the majority of countries and cultures, and we feel that it would be the appropriate time for discussing positive commitments and changes that would benefit our shared world. In addition, the association with December 20th with the Mayan calendar and such would give us a better chance of visibility and change. We picked a date that symbolizes a shift toward peace and global unity (the actual prediction by Mayan Religious chiefs) and the start of a new era in human relations. We believe this will lead to a stronger presence in the media and more ability to reach the hearts and minds of people everywhere.
In terms of the timeline, we believe the urgency of the initiative will support us in achieving our end goal! And we are working hard to make sure we can meet all of our timelines. While I and the other members of A Big Project’s Network Team are working diligently to reach out to potential partners, there are several other teams working on the backend ‘operational’ aspects of the project. We have a Spark Support Team which is working to build resources to support those who are facilitating the questions, a data synthesis team which is developing platforms for analysis of the datasets, translation teams working to ensure quick and easy translations into as many languages as possible, and several other teams working to ensure we can meet all timelines. We are up to about 100 volunteers from every region of the world all working towards the same goal. I can put you in touch with the founder of the initiative if you want to learn more about the other teams.

3) How will you consolidate/reconcile all the inputs from potential partners, considering the possibility of receiving numerous different — not to mention possibly conflicting — views on what a “better world” ought to be and how to go about achieving it?
While we believe many different viewpoints will emerge, our focus will be analyzing the data in ways that allow us to find the places where people’s views overlap. In other words, looking at the key words and concepts that come up consistently across multiple contexts (i.e. region, culture, access to resources, etc.). While we don’t know what those ideas will be, one could imagine a few themes for a better world that would come up consistently no matter where you are (i.e. love, peace, good health, etc.). The fun part of this initiative will be determining where we do actually agree! Maybe the list will be short, maybe it will be long -but we won’t know until we ask!
commented 2012-06-12 11:02:51 -0400 · Flag
Our next Network Team meeting will be tomorrow June 13th at 10:30am NY/5:30pm Uganda/8pm India time! Be there or be square.
commented 2012-06-06 16:01:31 -0400 · Flag
Thanks Mark! I think these are great questions. Maybe we should expand on the bios of our FIre-starters and write up our neutral perspective on the Mayan Calendar.
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