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This project is building on the momentum for change by uniting people all over the world around four questions to explore a global vision for a new way forward. We will then use art and music to share that vision with the world.
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Change Theory


In this formula for change the AGITATOR and the sense of URGENCY are established through the Mayan Calendar date of December 21, 2012 when people everywhere will be talking about the possibility of global change.  The VISION for change is the "Sweet Spot" - which was established by surveying people in 97 countries and figuring out where all of our visions for a better world came together.  The analysis showed that people everywhere wanted to 'Help Life Change'.  And the CAPACITY to implement this vision is established through individual commitments to do one thing differently to make the world a better place. When all of these pieces are put together, we can collectively help life change. 







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