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Thank You!

Thank you for your volunteer support and Kindling!  Your networks and the time you give to helping our project grow will make it possible for us light a fire of hope around the globe and spark an evolution.  We will soon be in touch to let you know next steps on volunteering.  In the mean time, we ask that you engage in the first task to help us grow our network.

Please try to convince 5 friends or family members to come to our website and pledge their networks within the next 10 days!   We will follow up with you to find out how it’s going.

Good luck and thank you!!!

Out of the harbor,
A Big Project Fire-Starter Team

“A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”
-John A. Shedd

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Q: Approximately how many people will you send the message to?
A: 501 - 1000

Signup to spread word

Thank you for signing up to help us spread word of the project! The only way we'll be successful is if YOU help us!  Please enter your contact info below.  

Thank You very much!!

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  1. Be accepting and open to other ways of being in the world
  2. Be solutions oriented and give feedback in ways that people can hear and learn from
  3. Assume good intentions
  4. Respect everyone's time. No spam.
  5. Respect one another's opinions
  6. 1 account per person.

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History of A Big Project

In January of 2012, a group of individuals from 18 countries came together to form A Big Project.  These organizers sought to clarify the areas in which people think the world can be better.  Moreover, they set out to share that message in ways that could open people’s minds and hearts through art and music. In response, supporters from more than 97 countries joined the effort.

The first part of the project found out what people value and want to change.  We asked people around the world to respond to four questions:

If the world as it currently exists were to radically shift tomorrow, and we had a chance to recreate the world:

ñ What would you NOT want to continue from this world?

ñ What WOULD you want to continue from this world?

ñ What could people do differently now to help us get to that better world?

ñ What is one thing that you will commit to do differently now to help us get to that better world?

You can read the answers here.

While the study was grounded in sound scientific research methodologies, the findings helped reveal an important message being voiced by people from all regions of the world. That message was: HELP - LIFE - CHANGE.

Building on this powerful message, A Big Project and Arts for Peace (in partnership with dozens of other organizations) called on artists, musicians, and creative types of all kinds to set off a global renaissance on December 20, 2012.  The goal?  To bring a new sense of hope, possibility, and direction to global progress.  People and groups from all walks of life participated, including Dolly Parton, Intel Corporation, the United Nations, local politicians, and thousands of citizens from around the world. View the highlights from the event here.

The 2012 renaissance empowered supporters to start their own events in several locations around the globe. The ripple effects have only begun.

Now what?

In the fall of 2013, we are putting the beautiful ideas from our arts renaissance into action.  Teams of 3-5 people around the world will be recruited to initiate local projects, coordinated at the global level, to help life change for the better.  A Big Project will provide teams with the space and support they need to succeed and bring them into a global community of New Leaders for a New World. At the end of 2013, we will ask all teams to showcase their projects on the web in another global event.

In 2014, we will ask our emerging global leaders to recruit more team members and a new project.  The year after (and the year after that, etc.), we hope to see even more team members and even newer projects.  Our mission over the next decade is to have 40,000 teams around the world together building our skills, knowledge, and confidence in initiating positive global change.

Regardless of current policies and the availability of funding, when we work together and use our creativity, we can succeed in creating the world we want.

Stop waiting for others to create the change.  Start it yourself!  We’ll help you.  We’ll help each other.  Join us.

To see a list of our more than three dozen partners around the world, click here!



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