After 2012

December 21, 2012  and onward:  We don’t know what will happen after the project, or how the conversations will evolve.  But here are some possibilities for what could come next:

  • Development of on-line interactive communities and mobile apps to support people in maintaining their personal commitments to help us move towards a better world.
  • New initiatives are born (or existing initiatives are given increased visibility) to generate global dialogue focusing on collective world goals.
  • Members of communities facilitate the 4 question process, this time focusing on what a better community could look like.
  • School systems across nations design curriculum to teach children about the world’s priorities that emerged from project conversations.
  • Videos of art, music and performances from Dec 20th go viral and spur a global renaissance of enlightenment and ongoing creative expression.
  • Kids in schools around the globe connect with one another to develop cross-national projects based on ideas that were generated through project conversations.
  • Experiments are conducted to test-out new ways of structuring communities to implement the world’s ideas for a better way of doing things.
  • Your idea here!

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