Give Us Your Kindling. Help Us Spark a Fire.


Now through the end of June 2012, we are looking for Kindling to helps us light a path toward global change.

What is Kindling?

Kindling is the term for the networks of friends, family and professional contacts individuals all of the world develop over time.  Kindling networks can be technology-based, such as email, text, Facebook, Twitter, etc.   Or, they can be face-to-face, such as the network of people you connect with at regular meetings or events (i.e. faith-based services, family reunions, community events, class, etc.).   

 Why does A Big Project Need Your Kindling?

Individually, we each have our own set of networks that helps us feel a part of a community, or communities.  Our project is finding ways to link as many of these communities as possible around the world.  We need YOUR Kindling to ensure that when our project is ready to articulate the world’s global vision for a new way forward it includes the insights, ideas and hopes of people from your community.


What do you need to do?

Your job is quick and simple.  All we ask is that you send out two messages to people in your Kindling networks. One message should be sent out on June 15th and the other message on December 20th.   You can use any communication network(s) that you prefer to send out the message. For example you can use email, text, Facebook, Twitter, distribute flyers or make an announcement at a meeting.  


What will the messages say?  

The first message (June 15th) will invite people all over the world to be a Spark.  Sparks are the people from every country who will facilitate the four questions that will help us put our finger on the pulse of what people’s priorities are for a better world.  The second message (December 20th) will share the findings of the Project and highlight the world’s “Sweet Spot” – the place where people from every region, religion, culture, and level of access to resources agree the world could be better.   This second message will include a live link to view an explosion of art and music all over the world that is translating our findings into ways that stir people’s hearts and minds. 


What types of Kindling networks should you send to?

You can send the message out to your personal networks (friends and family) or to your organizational Kindling (people in your organization’s database/listserv). If your organization signs up to participate in the Kindling campaign, we will list the organization on our website as a partner in supporting this work.


How many people should you send the message to?

You decide. You can send to just one of your networks, or all of them.  We need large numbers to get around the world so we do hope you will send the message to as many people as possible. 


What else is going to happen on June 15th?

We have a number of activities being planned around the time of the message roll out date of June 15th including media coverage, celebrity announcements, and a secret global initiative that seeks to draw on the element of surprise. Sorry, no, we cannot tell you what the secret initiative is!



Who writes the message that will be sent out globally?

A Big Project will write each of the messages to go out and send them to you for distribution. If you would like to add your own note to the message to make it more personal or show how it is aligned with your organization’s mission, you are welcome to do so!  If you would like to re-write the message altogether, we simply ask that you check with us on the content of the message before sending out.


What is A BIG PROJECT’s ultimate agenda?

When it comes to major global issues such as famine, war, or climate change, many people in the world have become apathetic. They either don’t believe they can affect change or they don’t feel connected to the conversations about change that are taking place.   A Big Project seeks to address this issue by creating a space for people from every country to take part in an interactive global conversation around four simple questions to better understand our common priorities.  Our ultimate agenda is to clarify what the world’s agenda is.  Once we discover the answers, by using the universal languages of art and music, we will seek to put a spotlight on these priorities in ways that inspire a new collective sense of possibility and hope for global progress.  


Who is behind A BIG PROJECT?

A Big Project is comprised of individuals from more than 18 countries and nearly every region of the world.  We have no official affiliation with any organization or institution.  We are a non-political one-year project seeking to build on the wind of change for the greater good.  We are activists, economists, students, receptionists, artists, farmers, scientists, sex workers, lawyers, drivers, teachers, small business owners, spiritual advisers, and people who are unemployed. Regardless of our wide range of political, religious and philosophical perspectives, we are coming together around a common belief that our world can be better than it currently is, and that we have the power to support positive change simply by starting the conversation. 

 Can you get paid to engage in this Project?

No, unfortunately no one can be paid through this work. This is a 100% volunteer-based project.  There is no paid staff, not even the organizers.  People are engaged in this project because their hearts are being pulled towards this effort, even though there is no funding to support salaries at this time. 


How do you sign up?

Click here and then scroll down to answer all of the questions provided in our Kindling Form.  We will follow up with you every few weeks with updates to let you know how far and wide our networks are growing.  We will send you the actual message to be sent out as we start to approach June 15th.


 Additional Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

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