Help Us Link Communities Around the World:

Use Your Networks as Kindling to Spark a Fire

Kindling = the networks of friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances and professional contacts that define and connect the communities in which we all live. 

Individually, we each have our own set of social and professional networks that helps us feel a part of a community.  Our project is finding ways to link as many of these communities as possible around the planet to engage them in a conversation about the world’s priorities.  We want to incorporate YOUR networks to ensure that when our project articulates a global vision for a new way forward it includes the insights, ideas and hopes of people from your own community. (To see the way we will identify the world’s priorities, click here.)

All you need to do is send out two messages using any communication method that you prefer (email, text, Facebook, Twitter, paper flyer, etc.) to people in your networks.  One message will be sent out on June 15th and the other on Dec 20th. On these days, your networks -in combination with networks all over the world- will serve as Kindling to spark an international fire of dialogue, art, and inspiration for global progress.

It will only take a moment of your time, yet you’ll be able to be a part of something BIG.  Your contribution could make the world a more informed and better place.  And many in your community will thank you for inviting them be a part of it.

If you’d like more information on the Kindling campaign, click here to see our F.A.Q.

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How much access do they have to food, shelter and safety?

YOUR ORGANIZATION (not required for personal networks)


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